A full-stack of tools for web3 creators to be market makers and build a community around their content.
Check curaDAO tasks if you are interested in supporting, in different ways.


Cura is an experimental project on the NEAR sharded blockchain that explores the use of non-fungible tokens as creative tools. On top of ownership and provenance, the goal is to explore this new expression of Media , built on smart contracts, as not only a pointer to art, but as the art itself.
A canvas for building an open web on NEAR; The initial version is geared towards generative art as a great way to gather around projects and build communities.
The current goal of this repository is to remove the overhead and allow any code artist to be able to come and experiment, iterate and deploy.
The long-term goal is to have an ecosystem of media projects forked or born here that come together through their tokens and DAOs with value flowing in from media.
We're starting with front-end hooks, themed components, and composable smart contracts that respect NEAR standards but give room for creativity and customization.


  • @cura/commands v0.1
  • @cura/contracts v0.1
  • @cura/hooks v0.1
  • @cura/components v0.1
  • New components style
  • NFT Gallery into new repository
  • Smart contract testing and improvement
  • GitHub and packages DevOps


yarn install


yarn dev:frontend // hot reloading of the local packages is enabled by default
yarn dev:components


yarn build:frontend
yarn build:components
yarn build:hooks
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